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Decreasing Costs. Reducing Environmental Impact.

EcoBrite, LLC was formed to provide environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products.

Cleaning products touch almost every aspect of our lives. While cleanliness is generally attributed to improved health and performance, it is ironic that many common cleaners actually cause as much harm as good.  Many contain harmful chemicals, pose serious health and environmental risks, and often lead to much higher costs of use due to increased handling and disposal requirements.

Traditionally, the industry focused on price and initial effectiveness with little concern given to total cost of use, environmental impact and occupational health and safety.  Luckily, times have changed and great strides have been made in the cleaning industry replacing harmful chemical with natural alternatives.

You no longer have to use harmful chemicals in your home and business to maintain an exceptional level of hygiene.

Our mission is to offer cost effective cleaning products which are safe, effective and environmentally friendly for the household, commercial and industrial use.

Ecobrite is designed with performance and the environment in mind.

Proudly manufactured in the USA.