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ECOBriteEC Complete Concentrate

A Better Solution

Ecobrite Concentrate jug

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The Mother of all our concentrates and ready to use products, ECOBriteEC COMPLETE CONCENTRATE is a cost effective alternative to caustics without sacrificing results. Safe for People, Flora, Fauna, Marine Life and the Environment; ECOBriteEC COMPLETE is a proprietary compound of naturally occurring organic materials, surfactants and other biological stimulating ingredients. ECOBriteEC COMPLETE is an excellent cleaner, degreaser and odor eliminator with sound secondary benefits regarding safe clean up and wastewater treatment.

This easy to use concentrate is designed for a broad array of cleaning applications. ECOBriteEC is safe to handle and does not require any protective gear; simply add water and use as directed. Safe for use on land, water and all water safe surfaces, far beyond the few listed in our directions.

ECOBriteEC COMPLETE CONCENTRATE is a wonderful safe alternative for home, industry, institutional, farm and municipal applications. Help yourself, family, community and the environment with “ A Better Solution “ –  ECOBriteEC COMPLETE CONCENTRATE.


Available Size     |  Product Number

  • 32 ounce      |         #1081
  • 1 gallon        |         #1074
  • 5 gallon        |         #1067
  • 55 gallon       |        #1050


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Literature Downloads

Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature.
ECOBriteEC Complete Concentrate Product Information Sheet

MSDS Information

Read and understand the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.
ECOBriteEC Complete MSDS

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LESS MEANS MORE: Complete surface coverage is more important than dilution strength. Always start at the highest suggested dilution and work backwards or forwards. It is safe and effective for painted surfaces, rubber seals, aluminum, sealed electrical components, stainless steel, plastic, carpet, color safe fabrics, treated wood, vinyl and rubber. It is 100% rinsible and leaves a non-static finish that inhibits dust and dirt. The more you use it the less you need. This leads to higher dilutions, lower costs, a minimum carbon trail and a cleaner, safer and more pleasant environment.

HOME – Walls, windows, floors, laundry, bath, dishes, yards, septic, vehicles and more.

INDUSTRY – Equipment, machinery, tools, office, vehicles, septic, catch ponds etc.

INSTITUTIONS – Building, schools, rest homes, restaurants, hospitals, grease traps etc.

MUNICIPAL – Wastewater treatment, odor elimination, composting etc.

FARM – Stalls, kennels, stables, pens, compost, field prep, septic, fly and mosquito control.

Link to label for directions.