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EcoBriteEC Pet Odor Eliminator & Multi-Purpose Cleaner


To Whom It May Concern:

I am an animal lover and as such care for 7 dogs and 55 cats who share my home with my husband and me. As you can suspect, this is quite a cleaning chore. A friend of mine introduced me to ECOBtiteEC and suggested that it was the answer to our dilemma.

I willingly accepted his offer of the product, ECOBriteEC, after hearing that not only was it a great cleaner but also an odor eliminator that actually works! As you can imagine, with 55 cats and 7 dogs odor can become a problem. I spoke with the owner of EcoBrite, LLC and was told how to use the product. He also suggested that I experiment with it myself because they continually seem to find many other uses for it.

Well to my amazement, ECOBriteEC does work! It keeps odors out of the litter boxes and also makes cleaning them a lot easier. Just by spraying the boxes when I clean the litter, I noticed that it keeps the sides clean; therefore I don’t have to empty and clean them as often.

The spraying of the litter boxes led me to another use – one I haven’t been able to find a product that could do the job. It cleans the grout of my tile floors! Now I use it to clean the tile floors. I ventured out and tried the hardwood floors and it does a great job on them as well.

I also added a small amount of ECOBriteEC to my laundry to presoak to remove really bad odors. Again, it worked beautifully!

I no longer have carpet in my house, but a friend had a problem – her cat had urinated by the toilet and it ran down onto the floor. She couldn’t get rid of the odor. I gave her some ECOBriteEC and suggested she try it. It took the odor away! She asked about cleaning carpet, so we called EcoBrite, LLC and they told us yes and how to mix it. Again, the product came through! Now my friend is asking to buy it.

I will continue to use ECOBriteEC. It really has proven itself to me. I recommend it to everyone, animal owner or not. We can all use its help, plus it is safe for our environment.


Norma E.

Charlotte, N.C.

To Whom It May Concern,

We were introduced to ECOBriteEC in January and put it to the test. … we have used it on a cross section of odors ranging from everyday fecal and urine elimination … to goat musk and parvo. It eliminated all odors and broke down blood and other organics on linens prior to cleaning. We highly recommend it for daily odor control and related cleaning.


DR. Robert N.


Charlotte, NC

Complete Concentrate

To: EcoBrite, LLC

Congratulations on a great product. With experience cleaning and maintaining various equipment ranging from farm tractors, ATV’s, lawn equipment, to vintage aircraft; I have used nearly every cleaner/degreaser on the market. … non-corrosive to aluminum, rubber and electrical components, I can confidently use ECOBriteEC on any part, equipment or aircraft.

DR. Scott W. F. DC

Charlotte, NC


“….. results of a ten month case study…. I was very impressed with the non-slip condition of the floor tile and the 12” to 18” above the floor tile which includes the bottom of all the kitchen equipment… holding cabinets, open fryers and pressure fryers ( including all wheels and casters ) became very clean and grease free… a more sanitary and pest free environment as use of the product reduces drain flies…”

John B.

Facility Leader

To Whom It May Concern

I am a processor, wholesaler, and retailer of seafood located in Murrells Inlet, SC. Since I began using ECOBRITEEC, our daily cleaning process has been simplified and cost effective. In addition, we have eliminated the use of caustics and the malodors associated with seafood processing. Our drains remain odor and grease free and odor from processed waste, when sprayed, virtually disappears. Its use has also greatly reduced  the presence of flies and other insects in and around the plant. A great product and I highly recommend it.


Phil C

To Whom It May Concern

We have been using ECOBrite EC in all four of our restaurants for the past 3 months. Its’ performance and effectiveness is as advertised. An immediate trap odor reduction was noted after only one day. Along with this, we quickly noticed a drastic increase in overall cleanliness (even in hard to reach areas) and an obvious reduction of slickness on the floors. As an added bonus, we found that treating the bar areas, including the sinks and drains, eliminated bar flies and stale beer aroma. Using ECOBrite EC in the restrooms and refuse areas has eliminated rather than masked the normal aromatic malodors associated with these areas. We are totally pleased with our decision to use ECOBrite EC.

Rad B.
General Manager

ECOBrite Window & Glass Cleaner

To whom this may concern!

I am an owner of a very competitive glass business and would like to take a minute to talk about the effective uses I have for your product ECOBrite. I do a lot of glass cutting and polishing and there are a lot of oils required for this type of work. After polishing the glass edges comes the tedious process of cleaning the glass and this is where ECOBrite is a very handy and necessary tool for Absolute Glass.

EcoBrite will breakdown the oils on the glass and make cleaning the glass a much easier, less expensive and time saving endeavor. Where I would have to clean the glass over and over to actually have a clear glass, EcoBrite will make cleaning a 1 step process, clean with EcoBrite and be done with it! This is a very efficient and cost effective process for cleaning my glass and windows and I would definitely recommend this product for any type of oil/ grease breakdown situations. It is very effective!

I want to thank you for such a great product and will continue its use in the future, keep up the good work!

Charlie H.




ECOBrite Truckwash

To: EcoBrite,LLC


We are extremely committed to the safety of our employees and to the protection of the environment. For years we used chemicals to clean the exterior of our equipment but a demonstration of ECOBriteEC products we have changed our direction.

ECOBriteEC Tank Wash is an enzyme cocktail with complete ecological compatibility and is supported by laboratory proof as to its green nature and earth friendly qualities. It is also Non-Flammable, Non-Abrasive, Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive. In the past, we have disconnected our tractors when washing our tanks but with this product we can wash the tank and the tractor without concern for damage to the clear coat on our tractors.

ECOBriteEC is not only a superior degreasing and cleaning product but has helped us reduce our usage of cleaning product by more than 50%, thus having a direct impact on bottom line cost reduction.

We feel that the use of EcoBriteEC cleaning products is an environmentally preferable solution to maintain our fleet and for the safety and wellbeing of our employees would recommend this product to any company who is concerned about the safety of their employees and protection of the environment.


Mac S.

Terminal Manager

High Point, NC



GTP Revive 1010 – Tile and Grout

We have a very busy swim school with a lot of foot traffic. Water, children, strollers, and dirty shoes are never a good mix. We had stains and marks that no amount of scrubbing, pressure washing, or a mix of chemicals would take out; until we started using GTP Revive 1010. We use a diluted solution of Revive, put it down with a pump up spray and then pressure wash. The stains, marks, and dirt are gone. Our facility is 17 years old with white porcelain tile floors. We are constantly being told how clean our facility is and how fresh it feels. We wouldn’t be getting these compliments without Revive!

Kelly G.


RE: GTP-100ED & GTP Neutralizer A

To Whom It May Concern,

We are a full service company in the textile machinery business serving the US and international markets. While most of our business consists of new machinery sales and replacement parts; we have also developed a viable market in the cleaning and servicing of our customers chain drives and other machine parts.

In the past, we have relied on caustics to aide in this endeavor and while effective, they carried expensive remediation costs and were soon banned from use due to there detrimental impact on the environment.

As such, early in 2012, we engaged EcoBrite, LLC, an innovative new company, to help us find a cost effective, environmentally conscious alternative to this dilemma. We presented the situation, supplied parts for testing and they presented their GTP product line. The results were remarkable. Used as directed, downtime and labor were dramatically reduced, damaged parts were more easily recognized and new business developed. The end result was a more cost effective in house maintenance program, new sales to our customers of our private label environmentally responsible cleaning process and overall cost savings for all parties involved.

With this in mind, I have written this testimonial to share our success with other industry leaders and suggest that they contact EcoBrite, LLC, regarding environmental cleaning alternatives. We are glad we did.


Joe O.